Wednesday, 27 January 2016

JYC 27 - 30

And so we are so very close to the end now! Day 27 was very relaxed and I got to play with my new Fuse tool.

Day 28 and I finished knitting the beanie hat Hugh's mum had given me in kit form for Christmas.

Day 29 I was back to work, so journalled about the delicious soup Penny had made me for lunch from the turkey carcass.

Day 30 I was also at work. Hugh was still on holiday and I came home to find that he had done loads of jobs for me including the ironing!

And so we are nearly there! Nearly the end of 2015. I will be back very soon with my last few pages.


Sian said...

It looks wonderful! I think it's easy to tell you are feeling in a good place right now: I've been spotting lots of happy selfies :)

Missus Wookie said...

I'm with Sian - lots of happy selfies and cheerful photos. Hugh is lovely to do the jobs while on holiday too.

(We have two Hugh's in my Children's Meeting aged 3 & 7!)

Melissa said...

I'm really enjoying the variety of pages you've included in this album & such great photos!

Jo said...

Beautiful pages and how lovely that Hugh did so many jobs while you were at work x