Monday, 25 January 2016

Memorandum Monday

Joining in with Sian today with a quick note of something new or something I have learned this weekend.

Well, I have learned that if you buy a new sharp knife you need to be careful when using it! I cut myself 3 times - the worst one on my thumb.
But on the plus side I cooked a new recipe on Saturday - Louisiana red rice and prawns from the Slimmimg World magazine and it was lovely!

Do hop on over to Sian's blog to see what she has learned this weekend and see who else is joining in this week.


Sian said...

Ouch! Mind you, new knives sound good. We're using ones we got as Wedding presents and I think they're due for replacement! The prawns look delicious.

Have a good week Becky

alexa said...

Yikes, that sounds and looks painful :(. That sort of cut can really hurt ... A lovely colourful recipe as a contrast - hope you have a happy week of healthy eating.

Melissa said...

UH oh, definitely gotta be careful with new sharp knives!

That dish looks lovely, but I've never heard anyone in Louisiana call it by that name - over here it might be Canjun shrimp & rice, or maybe even jambalaya. :) It's always interesting to see how we use different words sometimes!

Jo said...

That looks delicious, I might give it a go. Sorry to hear you cut yourself so much though :(

Karen said...

Sad to say, I've learned the same lesson in the past! Hope it heals quickly.

Missus Wookie said...

Ouch on the knife - glad to hear the recipe was worth it!

Julia said...

Ouch indeed! Fingers and thumbs behind the blade remember!