Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Day off scrapbooking

I was lucky enough to have Monday off a couple off weeks ago as I had some holiday I needed to use up before 31st March. As Hugh didn't have the holiday he was at work, but he told me not to do jobs (as I would be tempted to do) and to spend the day being creative!

I firstly made some Slimming World muffins and madeleines which was fun. 
Then I scrapped my little boots off! I completed 5 pages, finishing up one of my kits completely which pleased me!

Here are the first three I completed. 

I trimmed the photos down to make sure I had enough room on the page for all 3 and still had room for embellishment. I used sketches from Page Maps for most of my layouts today. 
I grabbed my butterfly punch for this page - now that is something I haven't used in a while!
And with this one I used the printed flowers in the bottom left as an embellishment cluster adding some enamel dots and a heart. 

I have now scrapped all the photos I want to scrap from our holiday in France - just got a couple more layouts to share with you. The rest of the photos will go into slip-in photo albums. I always get all my photos printed every month and what doesn't get scrapped goes into albums. Do you print photos regularly? What do you do with the ones you don't scrap? Would love to hear what you do. 


Karen said...

What a great way to spend a day off! Love the colors of the first layout; perfect for pool photos.

Sian said...

It sounds like a lovely day.

I print my photos as I decide to scrapbook them. But I think I'd be a faster scrapbooker if I had a great pile all waiting, ready printed out and I keep meaning to try it

Susanne said...

Oh how wonderful that you told not to work on chores. Your pages look great. I am very sporadic about printing pictures, I need to work on that.

alexa said...

How nice to be encouraged to take time off for yourself - there's a lovely man! And your pages are full of interest - I especially like that third one with the floral theme. You look very happy!

Sandra said...

What lovely layouts, we'll done on getting them scrapped. I only print out the photos that I'm going to scrap as I print at home x

Beverly said...

Oh, I do love your Hugh! I especially like the pool float layout :) I tend to print in masses then they just sit waiting for me to someday do something with them @@

Jo said...

Isn't Hugh lovely?! They are really lovely pages, I love what you've done with the sun burst paper. I don't print all of my photos but I am thinking of doing a monthly photo order from now on x