Saturday, 5 March 2016

Five Faves for February - the photos

Funnily enough although I had a busy February I didn't seem to take many photos. However I have managed to find five which I can scrap!
This was taken just after I had Botox to see if it will work to stop my menstrual migraines. The bruising only,lasted about an hour and this month the treatment was successful. If it is successful next month then I will let you know and also let you know where I go from here. 
I have a serious and lovely photo of Mum and Dad taken when we went out for a meal with them, but just love this one with them messing about. Dad was puckering up to give Mum a kiss. 
This was at the same meal and Mum took it. I rather like this photo of me and Hugh. 
Ben took this selfie of him and Hugh after they had successfully laid the laminate flooring in Ben's study. 
And I was a bit stuck for photo number 5 then found this one of Arwen in Hugh's suitcase. He had spent quite a bit of time away in February and Arwen didn't want him to go away again!

So there are my five. I am looking forward to scrapping these and using some page kits which I have made. Have you hot any favourite photos taken in February? If so ... scrap them!


Sandra said...

You've got 5 good ones there

Sian said...

That's great news about the botox. If it works again next month, I expect there'll be more lovely smiles in your five favourites

Jo said...

They are really lovely photos. I hope the botox keeps working, I know how awful those monthly headaches are x

Missus Wookie said...

Hope the Botox continues to work, just had a friend who also gets these shots that it helps her marriage for two reasons. 1) she's not in pain so not grumpy and 2) she can't frown as much so her dh doesn't realise when she's miffed ;)

Beverly said...

Glad to hear the first round with the Botox helped. I love all 5 of your choices. Thanks for the last sentence, you may have just made me realize I can easily choose 5 pics and scrap them .... maybe ;)