Monday, 23 May 2016

Five faves for April - the photos

So here are my five favourite photos for April.

The first one was taken on our flight to Berlin - on my way to have the migraine surgery. I was so NOT worried about it and so excited that it was actually taking place and I just love this photo as I think that shines through.
And number 2 is me just after the surgery. I'd been in recovery for about 20 minutes and Hugh was there and I asked him what I looked like! As we had a phone he snapped a photo for me and I'm really glad he did as I want to document the whole procedure from the op to full recovery. 
These flowers were totally unexpected and from my family in Cornwall. It was such a lovely surprise to receive them and they lasted for ages!
Long before I got the date for my op I had arranged to meet my two best friends from school for afternoon tea at Luton Hoo. The date happened to be the first weekend after my op so Hugh kindly drove me there and I wore my sunglasses to hide my eyes from the public! I had a wonderful afternoon though with these lovely ladies. 
And my final photo was taken right at the end of April. We went to visit our good friends Peter and Maggie who moved to Rhos on Sea about 2 years ago. It was the first time we had managed to get there and we spent a fun weekend with them, visiting Aber Falls and then going to Llandudno where this photo was taken. 
So there we are! I'm looking forward to scrapping these and will be back with them when they are done!

Thanks for looking!


Jo said...

I can't wait to see the layouts you make with these great photos, it's good that you can document your op with photos xx

Susanne said...

It was an eventful month, wasn't it. Can't wait to see the layouts.