Monday, 16 May 2016

Five faves for March - the layouts

My blog has seemed to be taking a backseat recently. Life, convalescing, family and friends have been taking more of my time and if I am creating I want to scrap rather then blog. So I have decided that for the time being I will just be updating this blog twice a month. I want to keep it ticking over so I will be uploading my five fave photos each month and then the pages I have scrapped.

I may do additional posts now and again but I don't want to put myself under the pressure to get them done. 
So, here are my five favourite photos for March all scrapped! I actually finished them by the end of April and they have been sitting waiting to be blogged. 
This first one is a scrap lift from Jen Schow who has a YouTube channel and one of the playlists she has is 6x6 Paper Pad Love. It was great to use up some 6x6 papers which sit in my stash and are looked at and rarely used!
 Another layout using 6x6 papers and scraplifted from Jen.
 As I was on a roll with 6x6 papers and enjoying the series I scraplifted another layout!
 My final layout scraplifted from Jen and using 6x6 papers. By the time I finished this one I'd  actually used up a 6x6 paper pad which made me very happy!
This last layout was scraplifted from Inkie Quill - I have spent quite a bit of time whilst convalescing watching YouTube on my iPad as I could hold it close to my eyes to focus and I couldn't see tv or read books!
 All the butterflies were fussy cut from some patterned paper and then stuck down using a hot glue gun which gave quite a bit of dimension. I'd not done that before but it is definitely something I will do again. 
So there we are. My five favourite March photos on layouts. I have chosen my five for April and I'll be back with them soon. 
Thanks for looking!


Jo said...

Wow, those butterflies! They are all great layouts and well done for finishing a 6x6 pad!

alexa said...

My goodness, that's quite some fussy cutting especially when recovering ... I hope it is all going well for you. It's important to take the time to recover, soI I am glad you are and can, and we'll just look forward to seeing more of,your lovely pages when you are able to post.

Susanne said...

Those are all fabulous - and I applaud you for cutting all those butterflies. I am also making a mental note to check out Jen's videos.