Saturday, 10 June 2017

Spotlight Saturday

Spotlight on Liverpool

Sorry this is a bit late! Yesterday was taken up with Take That! More about the concert next week.

This week I want to briefly share with you about our day spent in Liverpool.Whilst we were on holiday in Wales we decided to take a day out and go to Liverpool. I booked the Hop On, Hop Off bus and so when we arrived we parked up and headed to the marina to catch the bus. The commentary on it was great - we sat on the top deck and the guy was so very knowledgeable about Liverpool and really friendly.

Liver Building

You can just see the Cavern Club on the left!
As we didn't have a whole heap of time we decided just to get off at the Anglican Cathedral as our ticket included the trip to the top of the Cathedral Tower. The Cathedral was very impressive as was the view from the tower.

 To get up there are lifts, but there are also some stairs to climb. Once at the top I felt very safe as the walls were high!

We had a cup of coffee in the Cathedral and a slice of cake before getting back on the bus to finish the tour. There are SO many places we want to go back and properly visit that another trip to Liverpool for a long weekned at least is in the pipeline.
Gate to China Town
After a fish and chip lunch we got the ferry across the Mersey (sing song here!) to the U-Boat Museum - which was quite interesting but didn't take very long to look around.
On the ferry
On the deck of the U-Boat

It was then back onto the ferry and back to the marina area - the ferry trip was really good and you got an excellent skyline view of Liverpool.
Skyline of Liverpool

Liverpool surprised me. I had visited on business about 29 years ago and hadn't really been impressed. This time I LOVED Liverpool and I can't wait to go back again and do some proper exploring.


alexa said...

You got some super weather! It's a long time since I have been but you have made me want to revisit ... I'm not keen on heights but those window slits look reassuringly safe, so i might well be tempted to do the climb. What a great photo of the entrance to China Town ...

alexa said...

It's a very long time since I have been to Liverpool but you've made me want to revisit. That drop from the Cathedral is quite vertiginous! Super photo of the gate to China Town ... and you got such great weather.

Jo said...

It looks like you had a really great day there. My friend has recently moved to Liverpool and I can't wait to visit her and see the sights :) x