Saturday 1 July 2017

Spotlight Saturday - Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium

Yes, it was as fun as it sounds!

I had read about Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium on, I think, Facebook and really fancied visiting. I had mentioned it to Penny and Hugh and they very kindly booked for us all to go for my birthday last Saturday.

So, what is it I hear you ask? Well, it is a wonderful little cafe in Bethnal Green/Shoreditch which serves the most fantastic afternoon tea in the company of cats!

The cats are really well looked after and very happy and we were very lucky that the day we went they were introducing kittens!

There are certain rules to obey whilst you are there to ensure that the cats don't get stressed. You musn't make too much noise, you don't pick the cats up and if they are sleeping you leave them alone. Having said that, the kittens and cats alike who were awake loved being stroked and played with.

I would certainly recommend visiting if you like cats and are in the area. You don't have to have afternoon tea, you can just have a drink with or without cake!
It is best to book though as they have a limit to the number of people allowed in (again to stop the cats getting stressed) and you are only allowed to stay 90 minutes, but that was quite long enough.
So thank you so much to Hugh, Penny, Ben and Amy for joining me and for making my birthday such fun!

And here are a few other photos taken on my birthday!
Presents and birthday breakfast of strawberries and then a couple of pastries (slightly over-warmed by Hugh!)

A lovely new craft mat and some scrapping goodies from Penny and Hugh


Jo said...

That place sounds great and it looks like you had a wonderful birthday x

Ruth said...

That's sounds like marvellous fun ... I'm putting it on my list of potential Summer outings! Happy belated birthday!