Sunday, 9 July 2017

Spotlight Sunday! RunOrDye!

A little bit late with my blog post today as Hugh and I returned from Portugal late Friday night - more about that next week!
Today I wanted to share some photos from RunOrDye which Penny and I took part in last Sunday. 

We were fortunate and the day was beautifully sunny and warm at Penshurst Place in Kent. 
We arrived and registered by 9am and then joined in the warm up by the stage and had an official photo taken!
Penny had registered us as front runners which meant that we were right at the front for the off at 10am. I like this official photo where Penny and I are dead centre of the crowd!
We did do some running and some very fast walking. We got wonderfully covered in dye!

We were really pleased to knock 10 minutes off our time from last year and to do the 5k in 50 minutes. 
We will be registering again for next year and hope, with more gym work, to be able to run all of it - maybe?!

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Jo said...

That looks like great fun, well done for doing it quicker than last year x