Wednesday 6 April 2016

Five Faves for March - the photos

So here we are in April already! I am really enjoying scrapbooking this year and am looking forward to scrapping my holiday photos from our recent trip to Lincoln as well as these five photos which are just some of my favourite photos from March.
This is me with Penny and the wonderful angel food cake she made me for Mother's Day.

And Ben came home on the weekend of Mother's Day to spend the day with me which was lovely. 

Penny snapped this photo of me and Hugh whilst we were on holiday in Lincoln! We had had a busy day lol! I think it is so funny that I asked her to send it to me for me to scrap!

Penny and I have been exercising a lot getting ready for our Colour Run in July. This was snapped after a 3 mile walk/jog whilst we were on holiday. 

And my final photo for March was this one I snapped in the car on our way home from Lincoln. We had stopped for a quick break so I decided to take this one to end our holiday. 

So there we are. My five favourite photos from March. It was so difficult to choose this month! Thanks for looking!


alexa said...

How lovely that your favourite photos have included all the people most important to you. And that's a very splendid cake ...

Karen said...

Alexa beat me to it, but I had the same thought. Those five photos capture not only some special events, but more importantly, the special people in your life. Love that last one!

Sian said...

Looking? It's our pleasure!

Jo said...

A lovely choice of photos, I can't wait to see the layouts x

Susanne said...

Great snaps, that middle one could be a reenactment of what happens at our house from time to time. LOL