Thursday 5 July 2012

Jet Lag and not much achieved!

I thought that I had got away with the jet lag as I felt fine on Saturday - however it caught up with me on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday! It is only today that I haven't felt as if I would fall asleep at the wheel driving home from work! Consequently I have done very little around the house and only just started to think about any scrapbooking. All the photos - 753 of them - have arrived from Truprint - excellent service as I ordered on Sunday and they turned up yesterday.

So, how did our trip start? Very well actually! We spent the night before our flight at the Ibis Hotel at Heathrow so that we wouldn't have to worry about traffic getting to the airport. That worked really well and we arrived in plenty of time, checked in and got through security with no queue. Then it was breakfast time!

As you can see, I had a healthy breakfast and Hugh had a fry-up!

We had a mooch around the shops and then found some seats and read books until our gate went up on the board, then we ambled down to the gate to sit and wait to board.

When we eventually got to board the plane we were upgraded to Business Class! I had never even been Premium Economy before (although that is what I had booked for this holiday as a treat) so I was extremely chuffed!
 When they offered me a glass of champagne as we were settling ourselves down, I of course, accepted! What else is a girl to do! I then had another glass when we took off - then I decided that perhaps two glasses were enough for me as I don't really drink (!) and I moved on to Diet Coke!

After a very enjoyable flight of just over 10 hours we arrived in San Francisco and went straight through immigration with no problems, but our bags were nearly the last off! It always makes your heart beat a bit faster when everyone on your flight seems to have their bags and yours hasn't appeared. However, all was well and we collected our bags and found our minibus outside the airport which transported us to our hotel.
Waiting outside the airport for the minibus. 
(I have to say, that Hugh was brilliant with the camera this holiday! He had the compact camera and I had the 35mm DSLR and he took so many photos of me that I will be able to do brilliant scrapbook pages of the both of us!)
The journey to the hotel took nearly 2 hours! The traffic was hideous and our only consolation was that we weren't driving so we could snooze on the way! Upon arrival at the hotel we were quickly checked in and settled ourselves into our room. We stayed at the Larkspur Hotel, just off Union Square. 
The room was small, and the bathroom tiny and we had no view. That all sounds very negative. In fact, the room was plenty big enough, the bed was extremely comfy, it was very clean, had excellent wifi for Skyping Penny;
And the bathroom, although small had an excellent shower. 
No view? Who sits in their room to look at the view? Not me, or Hugh! When we were in the room it was to sleep and then shower and get dressed! When we wanted a view we went out and did some sight seeing.

Once we had got ourselves sorted out, we took a short walk from the hotel to Lori's Diner to have an evening meal.

Once we had eaten, we staggered back to the hotel (feeling extremely full!) and collapsed into bed. We were both asleep by about 9.30pm and slept solidly until about 5am! We were then both wide awake!

So, what did we do on our first full day in San Francisco? You will have to wait and see!


Melissa said...

It sounds like a great start to the trip - looking forward to reading about the rest of it. How exciting that Hugh snapped so many photos of you!

Alison said...

Well done Hugh for using that camera...and great upgrade!! Looking forward to hearing more
Alison xx

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

I had to laugh at your breakfast choices. Doug and I are the same way - he always goes for the fried stuff and I stay healthy with oatmeal.

This is a fun post on the first day of your trip, Becky! You both look so happy. :o) I'll look forward to reading more posts like this!

Anonymous said...

Now that's what I call an upgrade! So great on such a long flight. Good idea staying near the airport the night before. Looking forward to hearing more.

Sian said...

Another very enjoyable post! I think the jetlag coming home from California is the worst I've ever had - it's brutal! I hope by now you are feeling well recovered.