Friday, 27 June 2014

Photo heavy post!

I’ve not had much time for scrapbooking – what with a trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour, a birthday tea at my Mum and Dad’s and then on Sunday, after I’d done all the jobs which had piled up from not being at home on Saturday, it was TOO HOT to sit in the conservatory playing with paper! Instead I sat in the sunshine and read the Sunday papers, and I have to say it was wonderful!

So, have I got anything to share with you? Well, I could share the 80 odd photos I took at Harry Potter, but I won’t inflict those upon you! Well, not all of them! Here are a few: (I have made the files smaller so that this post will upload more easily!):

Penny outside the Studios

Harry's 'bedroom' under the stairs

Gryffindor uniform and table in the Great Hall

Ben looking at the 'leaky cauldron'

Ben, me and Penny standing in front of the Hogwarts gates

Gryffindor Common Room

Ben and me looking in the mirror or Erised

Hugh and me outside No 4 Privet Drive

Penny and Hugh drinking butterbeer

The four of us on the Hogwarts bridge


Diagon Alley

The model of Hogwarts

Inside the wand 'shop'
No doubt you will see many of these photos, plus others, appearing on layouts in the coming months!
There was an interesting discussion on the Paperclipping Round Table recently about taking photos versus just using your brain to remember the event and not using the camera as much. I did understand where they were coming from. On many occasions I have see the event through the viewfinder, rather than in ‘real life’ as I have been so busy capturing the event to be able to scrapbook it afterwards. So I went on the Tour with every intention of not taking as many photos as I usually would. I tried. I really tried! And actually, I think I probably didn’t take as many as I normally would have done. And I think that I enjoyed the experience more as I spent time interacting with Ben, Penny and Hugh, discussing the exhibits and really taking time to look at them. However, I still came away from the tour with 80 photos and took a further 20 at my parents.

And here are a few photos taken at my parents’ where I had a lovely afternoon tea after the tour:

My Dad and me

Ben and me

Me with Pippa (who is so much better now)

Me and my Mum
Finally, to finish, is this photo, which is quite true in this household!

So what do you do? Lots of photos and see the event through the viewfinder, or less photos and experience the event? I suppose the thing to do is to get the balance right for YOU. Everyone is different and every event requires a different approach. Let me know what your thoughts are.



scrappyjacky said...

Looks like a fascinating place.

Sandra said...

You're right, it's whatever works best for you. For me, I adore taking photos, it's part of the whole experience and I don't think I miss anything from it. I can feel your excitement from the HP day, I must admit we loved it too. So much so, I'd happily go back, but maybe at a different time of year. I hear they decorate it for Christmas.

Karen said...

No wonder you haven't had time to scrapbook! For me, it depends on the event. Sometimes the camera wins. When Matt and Betsy had their wedding reception, I took my camera but didn't take one photo. I just enjoyed myself and spent the time talking with friends and family. Still waiting for others' photos to appear so I'll have some to scrap!

Sian said...

I love miniatures :)

I always say that I still feel a bit stuck in the mindset of having to save some of my film up. I'm still not used to digital and being able to tale as many photos as I want...when I was little we only ever took one picture of any occasion. So still these days I'll come home and regret how few photos I have

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

I'm usually good with taking a ton of photos of scenery and such, but when I'm with family I often have so much fun that I forget to pick up my camera. I just love those shot of you with your mom and dad, Becky!

Have a great weekend. xo

alexa said...

You've got some lovely happy family photos here - I don't think I ever regret taking photos of people :). As I use a little point and shoot, I don't need to spend a lot of time behind a camera - I do like to feel I have been really present.

Beverly said...

I am so jealous of your HP Experience, it looks fabulous! It looks like you celebrated fully this year and I think time with parents is always precious on a birthday. I think I have found the right balance and it varies with what is going on. There are a few times that I have regretted not taking photos.

Anonymous said...

Great photos Becky. I'm a bit of a mix. Sometimes I actually have to remind myself to take pictures while other times I can't stop taking them.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to read up on the HP experience and see if it's doable while we're over there. I'm like Deb and always seem to forget the camera when I'm with family but trips I/we take a ton (over 6000 on our recent NZ/Australia trip).