Monday 23 February 2015

Weekend Scrapbooking

After finishing my chores nice and early Saturday morning it meant that I had ALL of Saurday afternoon to play!

I knew that I wanted to create a page for New Years Day 2014 to start that section of my chronological album. I still had a few pieces left from my Cable Knit kit and was very pleased with the layout I came up with. It was based on a Shimelle layout from way back!

I then scrapped the monthly photo which Wendy and I do. I can't share that here just in case she reads my blog as we do a year's worth and then share with each other to see how differently we scrap! Another thing I can't share is the birthday card I then made for my Mum! I will take photos of it though and share after her birthday!

What I can share are two layouts I made at Sue's on Tuesday when she, Wendy and I got together. 

Again I used up some more of those Websters Pages papers.

These are from our holiday to Wales last year.

I also completed another three pages on Sunday afternoon, but will share them another day!

I am hopping about scrapping photos from the past 14 months or so, but I then file them chronologically. I may even scrap old family photos from time to time and then these go in their own special album. There has been a lot of discussion recently on Facebook and various blogs on how people scrapbook their photos and it has made fascinating reading! How about you - how do you scrap/store photos?


Sian said...

Your productivity always makes me more than a little bit envious! How do I scrap? Very slowly! Not chronologically. I just do whatever story I have in my head and I store the pages like that too, in the order I make them

scrappyjacky said...

I don't scrap chronologically....although I do store both pages and photos chronologically.
Love your pages....I really need to get some scrapping done.

Jo said...

You have been so productive and made some really great layouts. Apart from my five favourites and Project Life I don't scrap in order but I do file in order. Most of my photos are stored in date order x

Ruth said...

I pretty much scrap in order, although I haven't really made much headway yet this year. I keep my photos on my PC (and backed up monthly) and then print them out as I want them.

Melissa said...

A great batch of layouts Becky! That photo bomb picture is perfect for the start of a year album! I scrap all over the place - right now I'm concentrating on finishing up my 2011 albums, doing some 2014 layouts as I finish processing photos from last year & am working on my top five from January. I store then chronologically, with category albums for random and connections layouts.

alexa said...

my goodness, you have really been letting your creativity rip! I am always impressed by how many pages you put together so effectively.

Alison said...

Apart from recently (due to Five Favourites) I seldom scrap chronologically....but I do sore mu pages in order. Lovely pages, as always! Xx

Sandra said...

In always in awe of you and your scrapping. You think it, you do it. I love that.

How do I scrap? Slowly and whatever photo takes my fancy lol x

Missus Wookie said...

Lovely pages. Nice to see you've been able to get crafty again.

I scrap what I fancy, photos are stored digitally on my computer chronologically or if printed in my storage boxes using the Library of Memory categories.

Anonymous said...

They're all great looking Becky! My scrapbooking is rather hit and miss although I am now determined to get some of our travel albums done but they won't be chronological.