Wednesday, 13 January 2016

JYC Days 15 to 20

Back again! Here are days 15 to 20.
Day 15 was a work day again, but in the evening Hugh, Penny and I went out to Sainsburys to spend our Nectar points on our Christmas goodies.

Day 16 saw Penny and me visit Wendy as Penny had made some chocolate bark and wanted to take it to Wendy for her birthday and Christmas present. We snapped a quick selfie whilst we were there.

I stamped with a snowflake stamp and then embossed on the number 17 to make it pretty!
I thought that this tree was ideal to do journalling in. Day 17 saw me receive a gift from all the consultants at work and then our department meal out in the evening.

Day 18 was wear your festive jumper to work day! We had a department photo taken and it was on the Basildon Hospital Facebook page! It was also a Friday which meant I got home early so gave Penny and myself a manicure.

Day 19 was a Saturday. We had Slimming World and then as Penny was out all day we took advantage of her absence and wrapped all the presents up! 'W' for wrapping!

You can't see it here, but on the reverse side of the 'W' I embossed with white glitter embossing powder. I also made some reasonably healthy sausage rolls and hope to make these every year.

As there wasn't a huge amount going on I decided to print some photos off that Ben had sent me of him and Amy and their cats and journal about what was happening with their decorations over Christmas!

This is the reverse of Day 19 and is Day 20 which was a Sunday. I did a page opposite this one...
...which tells how in the evening Hugh and I collected Penny from a wrestling match in Tonbridge and then drove to Reading where we stayed in the Premier Inn prior to collecting Ben and Amy to go to Cornwall the next day.

Thanks for looking! Be back again soon!


alexa said...

Nice to include photos you haven't taken, and add in Ben's story too. I bet he will enjoy that page in years to come.

Sian said...

It really is lovely. That last picture of you? Beautiful!

Jo said...

I agree with Sian, that last picture of you is beautiful. I love how you've stamped and embossed those letters and numbers!

Missus Wookie said...

Such a lovely shot of you. I thought the W was for Wrestling when I saw it first ;)

Melissa said...

This looks great! I really like how you stamped and embossed the snowflakes on the red numbers!

Anonymous said...

It looks great Becky!