Friday, 15 January 2016

JYC Days 21 to 24

 So here we are with days 21 to 24! Day 21 saw us driving to Cornwall and taking cousins photos and photos with Granny.

I did the journalling on the back of this 21 tag.

There were a few photos with the dog too!

Day 22 we drove back - Amy had her photo taken at breakfast as we had not managed to get a photo of her! We played Cards Against Humanity in the car - relieved the boredom!

This page from the kit was lovely and just needed to be in the journal just as it was!

As did this one!

Day 23 we went to the cinema to see the newest Star Wars - great film!

And then it was Christmas Eve!

I prepared the veg and Penny and Hugh made egg nog!

They did the 'Ben' nog pose! And I relaxed with a mug of mulled wine.

And so when I see you next time I will be sharing Christmas Day and Boxing Day! See you soon!


Sandra said...

Really lovely

Melissa said...

I like that you included some of those lovely cards just as they are - lovely! This is really making me want to get my act together & put photos in my December album! (Maybe this week!)

Jo said...

Such great pages x